Instant Performer - Great Job? Or Snow Job?

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Therefore, the ability of Instant Performer to produce results from it's seemingly exaggerated claims is clearly the principal question to be answered The abscence of side effects and the general medical safety of this product, is, obviously the next question that needs to be answered. Clearly any product touted as benefical that has any negative health effects should be avoided. Wouldn't you agree?

Unless you've been living without radio, television and newspapers for the past 10 years, you'll be aware of a well know Male Enhancement product, that while effective, also has severe side effects. Regardless of it's benefical effects - you wouldn't find it in my medicine cabinet. How about you?
"Let me answer the second question first" was one of the late comedian Groucho Marks' most celebrated lines. And, with a tip o' the hat to Groucho, that's how I'll continue with this evaluation of Instant Performer. Instant Performer's safety has been established in rigorous clinical tests. This is not a product that's been hastily assembled to capitalize on a market demand. No chemicals, additives, fillers, or toxic substances of any kind are to be found in this "Male Enhancement miracle." Only a scientifically assembled blend of Chinese herbs. Such as Panax Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed Extract and Ginko Bilboa leaf extract. Natural substances which have been used in China for thousands of years and have been proven to help increase Male performance and potency.
While the names of the Chinese herbs in this mix will probably totally unknown and unfamiliar to most of us, there are two ingredients in this revolutionary formula that everyone will recognize - Vitamin C and Pomegrante. What are they doing in a male enhancement supplement? Well -unknown to most of us - especially in the west - Pomegranate, the fruit we all know, has been used by the Chinese as a libido enhancer for Centuries.It performs this function mainly by increasing the flow of nitric acid, which is essential in augmenting male performance. Vitamin C also plays a role most of us never would have imagined. It has the doubly Male desireable properties of increasing erection hardness and decreasing recovery time. The obvious end result being that there is less "down time" between love-making sessions.
In the final analysis, when you consider the formulation and origin of it's ingredients,it's obvious that Instant Performer is a pro-health supplement.
But what about performance? Does it really produce a rock hard erection in 40 seconds? One that lasts for two hours? In my case - Absolutely! - but keep in mind, every body is different. With a different genetic makeup. And, equally,a different tolerance to and acceptance of medicines and supplements. That said, considering it's ingredients, I can't imagine any Man not experiencing these effects to a very similar degree.
Bottom Line: If it took 1 minute 40 seconds to work, and lasted for 1 hour, would it be an improvement?
At first, I failed miserably trying to imagine that this supplement was, in reality, capable of the speed of results it promises. Fortunately, in my surfing, I came across an amazing source of information that was instrumental in making me a believer.
If you want to check it out, just click the link above.
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Instant Performer - Great Job? Or Snow Job?

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    Rusty- 2012/12/23 14:57:42 pm

    Do not buy Instant Performer... it do not work, tried up to 6 times the 2 drop recommend dose and no results at all. I wish it worked but the fact is it do not... like this article says would haply take a few min to react and even 30 min or erection... but you wont even get tat with this product.

This article was published on 2012/03/06