Male Breast Reduction Improves Mental Health

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Male breast reduction surgery can help a man with his physical appearance as well as improve his mental wellbeing. Female-like breasts on a male’s chest can cause embarrassment, shame, anxiety and depression. The scientific name for this condition is gynecomastia, a word that comes from the Greek language and is a combination of “gyne” and “mastos” which mean women and breasts.

Many wonder why this condition occurs in certain men and not others. There are various causes for gynecomastia, including one’s gene pool, the onset of puberty, obesity/excess fatty deposits which have landed in the chest region, the use of steroids, tumors, side effects of certain medications, imbalance of hormones and the use of cannabis products.

The emotional issues that arise when a male is stricken with gynecomastia can range from awkward to devastating. A man can begin to doubt his manhood, develop a poor self image, and become ashamed of his body. He will likely be the target of locker room ridicule, name calling, and even become embarrassed to remove his shirt in front of others. This problem can hamper his social life and undermine his dating confidence.

Shame can be toxic to a person’s physical and emotional health. Anxiety and depression can result, creating an unfortunate atmosphere spilling into one’s life. A profound sadness, inability to sleep, and poor concentration are all possible ramifications that can occur.

There are different ways to achieve male breast reduction. If a man is overweight, a low fat diet and an exercise regime, including aerobics and muscle building, may cure the malady.

If this condition has occurred during puberty, time alone may cause the chest region to flatten out into a mature male appearance. During adolescence, hormones shift as the body is growing rapidly into adulthood. Once the hormones stabilize, this problem often disappears.

If drugs, illegal or given by prescription, are the culprit for the appearance of “man boobs” then discontinuing their use may reverse the problem. If the medication is necessary for one’s health, the person’s physician may be able to prescribe an alternative that has fewer side effects.

There are also surgical methods to alleviate gynecomastia. The technique known as liposuction is one possibility. Liposuction is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon using a medical device called a cannula to suction away excess fatty deposits. A cannula is a slender tube that is inserted into the chest through tiny incisions.

Through this tube, the fat is vacuumed away. Another method is by surgically removing redundant skin and tissue then suturing the region closed. Sometimes both of these methods are combined. Once the male breast reduction has been completed, a compression garment will be worn to aid in the recovery process. As the chest region heals, the man’s emotional health usually improves, as well.

With male breast reduction, men with proportionately larger chest region can get rid of unwanted fat and tissues beneath breasts to get flatter and firmer ‘manly chest’. Know more about the procedure at

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Male Breast Reduction Improves Mental Health

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This article was published on 2010/07/07