Past Lives - Birth Number Three

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Birth Numbers and what they mean have been my passion for over four decades and the concept of past lives - current associations - future connections has fascinated me for decades. Allow me to continue: If you were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month you have a 'past life' connection with any Sagittarian you meet in this life! The easiest way to present this concept is to give an example for even if you don't believe in the concept of having lived before - many people do.

No matter what Astrological sign you are in this life if you were born to Birth Number Three the month of the year 'ruled' by Sagittarius will prove an interesting month - call it fateful, eventful, exciting or, depressing as! Let me begin by saying if this is your Birth Number you have a 'memory' of me (for I'm a Sagittarian!) you'll act or react accordingly to the words I use or, if you met me in person love me or loathe me! In using the concept of dinner party conversations (I've always found it easier to explain complex concepts over a nice glass of red!) lets suppose you were my hostess born to the 30th of March (the year of your birth is not important). You're 'memory' of me (Sag) would be stirred or shaken for in your past live you were male (30th March = Aries, a male sign) and I being the male Sagittarian in this life brings memories of a male to male connection. Becomes interesting eh!

We could have been father and son, brothers, good mates or lovers (male to male)! Or warriors in some battle - murderer or murdered! The concept of past lives is not all Anthony and Cleopatra - there are enough out there already! No, it's about memories on a cellular level being stirred or brought to the surface along with unconscious actions or reactions.

Continuing with the above concept of you being a Birth Number Three born in Aries and me being a Sagittarian let's assume I was born on the 27th November, 9th December or 18th December (again, the year of my birth is not important) things really become interesting for the dates I've just given represent 'intimate' connections in the past not just some vague or vacuous memory! Something is going on within you along with something going on within me for I (being born to any of the dates mentioned in Sagittarius) would have a memory of you! Now we enter the realm of SOUL MATES...

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I hope I'm making myself understood and the concept intrigues you for I'll be continuing this series - bringing more depth and clarity as we proceed, in the meantime discover all you need to know about your Birth Number by visiting my website:

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Past Lives - Birth Number Three

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This article was published on 2010/03/27