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If your type of catalog printing and magazine printing is directed more towards a male audience, it is important for you to customize many different aspects of the design and catalog printing to make them more potent. It is not actually enough to produce something beautiful for this particular kind of audience. For the male target market, you will want to use some specific colors, images, and messages that attract them the most.

Let me get you started on printing these male oriented color magazines and catalog printing. Just follow the five tips below and male oriented customized catalogs should be a cinch to do.

1. Keep the tone direct – Believe me, most male audiences like things simple, straightforward and direct. So in all your color catalogs and custom magazines, the tone of all your content and images should also be in this manner. The more direct the information is given, the more male audiences will like your color catalog. Leave the rest of the creative prose and poetry AFTER giving the important information. They will remember your color magazines and catalogs more.

2. Be always precise and detailed with information – When most men look at catalogs, magazines and even promotional booklets, they typically are “HUNTING” for information. So it is important to always be precise and detailed with the information you are going to put into your prints. This is especially important for color catalogs wherein men are looking for the specifics of products so that they can compare easily. So in all your catalogs and magazine prints, make sure that you put all the pertinent information that your male target audience needs. Your prints will become more useful to them when you do this.

3. Neutral colors recommended – Most male audiences are very judgmental when it comes to color. So any kind of color catalog that is full of bright pink, yellow and purpose does not actually encourage men to pick up those color catalogs and magazines. That is why if you are targeting those male audiences, you should keep your color schemes to neutral colors or more male oriented colors.

Blacks, whites and grays are good safe bets, as well as blues and greens. Some darker shades of other warm colors might also work such as deep reds, tan oranges or yellows. Believe me, colors do matter and no man wants to be caught dead carrying a pink catalog (unless he has another orientation). So make sure that you choose your colors wisely.

4. Practical configurations are best – Also, when it comes to the catalog configuration, it is best to use more practical sizes and shapes. Most male audiences just want to look at the information in a magazine or catalog and they do not need to look at odd or creative configurations to appreciate what the color catalogs and magazines has inside. So it is best for you to use standard catalog templates, these are the most practical and easiest to use for your target audience.

5. Male centric attractive images – Finally and perhaps most importantly, you should use more male-centric attractive images in your custom catalogs and magazines. Nothing attracts men more than a picture of a beautiful woman, a cool car, a sport in action or just a really cool gadget. Use these along with images of your products and services and you’ll hook those male audiences easily.

Now you know what to do in catalog printing and magazine printing to attract your target male audiences. The items above should be pretty simple enough for you to follow easily. Good luck!

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Printing Male Oriented Catalogs

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Printing Male Oriented Catalogs

This article was published on 2013/10/09