Trying To Determine If Two Males Are Related? The Y-STR Y Chromosome Test May Be Right For You!

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Y-STR Testing can be the right option for you!

Y-STR, or Y-Chromosome testing is commonly used in ancestry cases where there are two males wanting to determine if they are related. The Y chromosome is passed from male to male in patrilineal ancestry, therefore only works when two males are being tested. With a very slow mutation rate, the Y chromosome remains virtually intact and unchanged when passed from father to son.

Genealogical testing has become an accurate and affordable way to determine if a biological relationship exists when two people were previously unsure. Like other DNA testing, the Y-STR can be done through a simple cheek swab, or buccal swab. Companies like Paternity-USA offer affordable pricing, which makes the test more accessible to serious genealogic researchers, or to families who are just trying to find out if they are related.

Y-STR results are given in the form of a percentage. The test can only be performed between 2 males. The result does not give you the exact relationship, for example whether the two tested individuals were father/son, grandfather/grandson, etc., but rather a percentage of probability that they are from the same male lineage. The result either indicates there is no probability of a genetic relationship or there is a 95% probability that there was a recent male ancestor in common.

The Y-STR test can give a more definitive result than another type of DNA testing like a sibling or avuncular test. An avuncular result could leave lingering questions, especially if the participants are known to have different mothers. However, if the case is with a father and son, the paternity test may be a better option. A paternity result will be either 99.9% positive or 0% negative, and will determine if the tested parties are father and son.

Remember, the Y chromosome is only passed down from male to male and so both participants must be male. If the participants are not both male, another type of DNA testing can be utilized to determine if there is a genetic tie between the two parties. Please review some of my other articles for more information on the different types of tests that are now offered.

The Y-STR DNA test can be a big help to someone trying to determine a common male ancestry. A relatively inexpensive DNA test can determine with great accuracy whether or not a true biologic relationship exists. Having the answers you've possibly been searching years for could be well worth it!

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Trying To Determine If Two Males Are Related? The Y-STR Y Chromosome Test May Be Right For You!

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This article was published on 2012/05/15